Monday, June 8, 2009

Nashville Humane Association Pet Food Bank

I've posted about this before, but it warrants another post. In response to the declining economy and the influx of pets being given up or even worse, abandoned, NHA has opened a Pet Food Bank. Folks that are going through a rough financial time (i.e job loss, etc) and need assistance in taking care of their pets can come to the food bank and receive free food and supplies. Here are the requirements:
Must be a Davidson County Resident (and show proof)
Must show proof of financial need
* Unemployment checks
* Letter of Disability
*Section 8 Housing resident
* Medicaid Recipient
* Food Stamps recipient
* Other proof on case by case basis
Must have all pets spayed or neutered (show proof by way of vet records)
* If a client does not have animals altered the first visit, they will still be eligible for
* NHA will call the week following and make arrangements for animal(s) to be brought in
to be altered in the ROVER spay and neuter program.
* Clients must have animals altered in order to receive food assistance again.
Food and supplies are given out on a first come, first serve basis
Clients are only permitted to receive assistance once a month. NHA Volunteers try to provide enough food to accommodate 30 days if possible.
The Pet Food Bank is open:
Wednesdays 1pm - 4pm
Sundays 1pm - 4pm
213 Oceola Ave
Nashville TN 37209
If you or someone you know is in need of assistance for their pets, please contact the Nashville Humane Association.
NHA is also in need of donations to this program. The food bank is run entirely upon donations. If you can donate pet food or supplies (i.e. cat litter, dog collars, dog/cat treats, etc), It is GREATLY appreciated! No amount is too small. You can also drop off food supplies at many local Krogers. Just look for the barrel labeled "Feed a Hungry Pet" that's usually very close to the customer service desk.

To find Pet food banks in other areas of the country go here.

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