Friday, June 19, 2009

My Trip to the Ladies of Charity Sale

Today, E and I hit up the Ladies of Charity Sale. They had a little bit of everything. I was trying not to spend too much, so here's what I got:

4 VHS Tapes for E $1.00 each

3 Books for E $ .50 each

4 NEW Litter boxes $.50 each (to be donated to Nashville Humane Pet Food/Supply Bank)

2 Kitty bowls $.50 each (same as above)

1 two-side kitty dish $ .50 (same as above)

1 Cat Collar $.25 (same as above)

1 small cutting board $.50

1 King Henry VIII book* $2.00
Total $11.75

* Now some of you may wonder why the King Henry book. I am currently watching the Showtime series "The Tudors" on DVD from the Library. I've become very enthralled in the story line. But I've been wondering, how much of the story is true? Are the characters real people? So, when I ran upon this book today and started flipping through it, I saw many pictures of the real people whom I've been watching. So, now I will use this as my refernce guide as I watch the series.

I thought it was a good sale. I was a little disappointed that I didn't find just a mind blowing deal. But, I always have very high expectations for this sale because a couple of years ago on my first trip there, I scored a set of brand-new 400 thread count king size sheets for $10.00! That'll never happen again.

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