Thursday, June 11, 2009

Impromptu Trip to Target finds some deals!

But, I can usually find at least one good deal at Target whenever I go!
Today, on our way home from my sisters, we got stuck in horrific afternoon rush hour traffic. E started whimpering that she had to go potty. I knew I'd never make it home. So, we pulled off to Target in B'wood. I also took the opportunity to let the traffic die down and look for some good deals on sale or clearance. I found some,after coupons of course, that's why you should always take your coupons with you when you leave the house. You never know where you'll end up.
Today I got:
2 Purina Dog Treats .90 after q
2 Post Trail Mix Cereal .99 after q
2 2-pack GE Compact Flourescent light bulbs 2.48 after q
1 pair flip flops for E (man, that kid can go through shoes!) 5.99 after sale
Not the best deals I've ever gotten on any of these products. But not bad and I actually needed all of them.

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