Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eat your heart out CVS!

So, remember last week with CVS and the internet ad that said you could buy Pampers and get $5 ECB's? Great deal, except it apparently was a mistake or a hoax. I was one of the many dissapointed CVS shoppers that did not get my ECB's. I returned my purchase, but lost my q in the process.

So, today I stumbled upon an even better deal at Kroger. Kroger was clearancing many of their Pamper products. Including Easy Ups jumbo packs.

Clearance Price $4.89
Minus coupon $1.00
Final Price $3.89 each

I made 2 trips (had to go home for more q's) and ended up with 6 packages. I did take all the size 4/5 Easy Ups they had (sorry to anyone looking for them). But, they did have many other Pamper's diaper and other Pampers products (wipes, travel packs) marked down 50% or more

I visited the Kroger at Nolensville and Old Hickory Blvd. Not my normal Kroger, so I guess it's good to switch up sometimes.

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