Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday World on a Budget

We had a good time at Holiday World. My goal was to make this trip for under a $100 and I think we did it! Of course what started this whole thing was getting 2 free tickets from a local radio station promotion. Without that, the trip would not have been possible, especially not for under a hundred dollars.

So, here's the tally:
1 child's ticket $28.00(brought a Pepsi can, and they knocked $2 bucks off the price of the ticket)
1 tank of gas $24.00 (drove the Honda instead of the SUV)
3 Brunches at Cracker Barrel $6.50 including tip (used gift card to knock off $20 bucks)
3 Ice Creams in the Park $5.00
1 Nachos $2.00
3 Fast Food dinners $16.00
TOTAL $81.50
My daughter's first themepark experience = PRICELESS


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