Wednesday, May 6, 2009

$5.00 Dinner Menu

So, I've been planning our dinner menus for a couple of months now. Let me tell you, it is great! It does take a little time, discipline (which I'm NOT known for) and effort, but it pays off!
When I have a menu already planned, and written out, it makes my evenings a little less stressful. Especially on the evenings that I've worked all day. It also helps prevent last minute runs at the drive thru out of desperation or exhaustion. So, that way we are eating healthier, even if I'm making french fries or pizza, I believe home made french fries and pizza are better than fast food.

Another big plus, it's cheaper! I've discovered that I can make most meals for $5 or less when I use ingredients that I bought at the grocery store on sale and with coupons.

Here is our menu for this week the (total cost of the meal is listed below the day):

Monday Veggie Helper (this is Tuna Helper minus the tuna mixed with frozen veggies)

Tuesday Homemade Macoroni and cheese, green beans

Wednesday Teriyaki Stir Fried veggies

Thursday Rice and Lentil casserole with tortillas & salsa

Friday Cuban Black bean patties with Spanish rice (new recipe, we'll see how it turns out)

Saturday Tamale Lentil Casserole

Note: part of the reason our total meal costs are lower than average is because we are pursuing a vegetarian life style. When you eliminate meat from you daily meals, your costs are visibly reduced. So, think about a vegetarian meal some time, if not for the sake of the animal, your health or other reasons, just think of the $$ you can save!

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