Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly Grocery Wrap Up

It's been a very busy day, so I'm going to only give the highlights of my shopping this week. And I must mention that I ran into a very uncoupon-friendly cashier at Publix today. I'm used to it at Kroger and other stores, but I never have a problem at Publix. She questioned almost every coupon I had and went over my Pedigree coupons with a fine tooth comb. The coupons made my dogfood free and I think she was determined not to let me have them for free. She even asked the CS Supervisor about it, and he said it was fine. She begrudgingly accepted them. Maybe she was just having a bad day, or had previously been burned on someone using coupons incorrectly, but she certainly made me feel like a criminal today. Oh well! I still got free dog food!

Kroger highlights:

Apples .99/lb

Blackberries $1.00

Kroger Sour Cream $1.00

Kroger Cottage Cheese $1.00

Ortega Tortillas (most of the Ortega Products on on sale, and the printable coupon is good for any Ortega item)
Sale Price: $1.67
- $1/2 Printable
= $1.17 ea

4 Sunday Tennesseans
Monday Markdown Price: $1.00
= $4.00

Total OOP: $15.63

Publix Highlights:

Mahatma Rice
Sale Price: .99
- .50/1 RP 4/25

Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal
Sale Price: $1.99
- 1/1 Printable
- $2/3 Publix "find deals that make your earth day" or printable
= .33 ea

Snyder Hanover Organic Pretzel Sticks
Sale Price: $2.00
- .50/1 (doubled) SS 4/11
- .50/1 Publix "find deals that make your earth day" or printable
= .50 ea

Cheez Its
Sale Price: $1.60
- $2/2 Tearpad coupon
= .60 ea

DelMonte Fruit Chillers (8 pack)
Sale Price: $1.67
- $1/1 Printable
= .67 ea

McCormick Italian Seasoning
Sale Price: $2.50
- $1/1 RP 4/25
- .55/1 Publix "find deals that make your earth day" or printable
= .95

Sale Price: $1.50
- .55/1 SS 3/21
= .95

Total OOP: $15.63

Aldi Highlights

Broccoli bunch .99
Strawberries .99
Sprinkes .25 clearance
Sprinkles 4-pk .75 clearance
Tomato Paste .39 ea
Easter Ginger Bread House kit 1.99 clearance (guess what our craft project for the week is!)

Total OOP: $13. 85

And my favorite purchase of the day........

Pedigree Dog Food 4.4 lb
Sale Price: $3.99
- $4/1 coupons from Ebay several months ago
= 12 bags for FREE
Our dog Joey was very excited about this purchase!

TOTAL OOP: $45.11 Whoo Hoo! 2 weeks in a row that I am waaay below budget! Yeah!



Anonymous cassie said...

i'm super jealous of your dog food freebies!! wow!


May 2, 2010 at 8:46 PM  

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