Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I try to keep my meals at $5 or under unless I'm serving meat, which can sometimes make it more expensive. I've made a commitment to only purchase organic and/or all natural meat that was humanely raised. It's more expensive, but not impossible to find deals on -- you have to look harder! Otherwise, I'm able to keep my meal costs down by couponing and stockpiling products when I find them at their rock bottom price.

Monday -- Chicken Teriyaki

Tuesday - Cheesy Vegetable Crepes

Wednesday - Italian Vegetable & Asiago Bowtie Pasta

Thursday - Simple Supper: Veggies, mashed potatoes, biscuits

Friday - Dance Class! Soup & Sandwiches

Saturday - PARTY LIKE YOU'RE 5 YEARS OLD! Party junk food.

Sunday -- Mom is exhausted from still cleaning up after the Party - Baked potatoes and salad/soup



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