Monday, November 23, 2009

Grocery Recap

My grocery shopping was so spread out over the week and amongst so many stores, that I just haven't taken the time to recap. Of course, my normal preferred budget of $40 is blown because of Thanksgiving. Just can't fit all the extras in that $40 bucks.

Something different this week for me, was I bought meat! Quite a bit of meat. I've had some comments and questions about the lack of meat in my menus and grocery recaps. So, I thought I'd address it a short and simply as possible. My family tries to live a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. I'm not opposed to meat, actually I love hamburgers! But,I really hate the meat industry and the inhumane way most farm animals are treated in the huge corporate farms and slaughterhouses. Since I'm not the type to picket the meat processing plants or protest at a cattlemen's convention (eh um.. PETA). I choose to do my protesting a little quieter, but with the most impact: I DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. I was given a gift card to Whole Foods so I used it to buy some chicken and beef from a store that has certain standards of it's meat suppliers. They have a 5 step labeling system that tells you how the animal was grown. 1 being the animal was not crated, caged or crowded. 5+ being the most ideal that the animal lived on the same farm it's whole life and no alterations were done. Of course, this meat is a lot more expensive than the meat you find on sale at any supermarket. That's why I don't buy it very often. It simply won't fit into my tight budget right now. Okay-- I'll get off my soapbox and proceed with the grocery wrap up.


nothing real exciting, I don't think I used a single coupon.

Total: $13.36

Whole Foods:

1 lb ground beef
1 lb meatballs
6 lbs chicken
1 Whole Planet Calendar $2.00 (has coupons in it!)

Total: $38.73
- $25.97 giftcard
= $12.97 OOP


16 Del Monte Canned Veggies
Sale Price: .45 ea
- $1/8 q in 11/15 SS
- $1/6 Target q Printable
= .20 ea

8 Del Monte Canned Fruit
Sale Price: .95 ea
- $1/8 q in 11/15 SS
- (2) 1/4 Target Printable
= .57 ea

4 Cans Swanson Broth
Sale Price: .49 ea
- .35/4 from SS 11/8
= .40 ea

Total OOP: $9.48


Publix Brand Cheese Singles
Penny Item: .01

Vanity Fair Napkins
Sale Price: $1.10 ea
- $1/1 from RP 11/8
= .10 ea

Knorr Rice Sides
Sale Price: .64 ea
- .50/2 (doubled) from RP 11/15
= .14 ea

Bird's Eye Frozen Baby Corn
Sale Price: $1.19
- .50/1 from SS 11/15
= .19 ea

Cool Whip
Sale Price: .75 ea
- .55/1 Printable
= .20 ea

Glass Plus
Sale Price: $1.25
- $1/1 Printable
= .25 ea

Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice
Sale Price: $1.00
- $1/2 RP 11/8
= .50 ea

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
Sale Price: $1.00
- $1/2 SS 11/15
= .50 ea

Crisco Canola Oil
Sale Price: $1.80
- .55/1 from 11/8 RP
= $1.25

Ziploc Containers
Price: $2.99
- $1.50/2 from 11/15 SS
- $1/2 Publix Baby coupon
= $1.74 ea

Baby Carrots
Sale Price: .84 ea

Yellow Squash
Sale Price: .99/lb

Sale Price: .99/lb

Green Beans
Sale Price: .99/lb

Sale Price: $1.99/lb

Total OOP w/ tax: $27.81

Total for week: $63.62

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Blogger J Rodney said...

You did a great job. I am in the midst of doing my grocery list for Publix, and thanks to you I realized that I had a 1.50 coupon off 2 Ziplock containers instead of the $1 coupon I had originally found.

November 23, 2009 at 10:12 PM  
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