Sunday, August 23, 2009

$5.00 Menu

I aim for each dinner to cost $5.00 total. I am able to do this with the great deals I get on food with sales and coupons. I figure in the price of my main ingredients. I usually round up to accomodate smaller ingredients such as spices.

Here is my $5.00 Menu plan for the week:

Sunday - Veggie Helper, crescent rolls $2.50

Monday - Black Bean Tacos and rice $4.00

Tuesday - Bakeless Ziti $3.00

Wednesday - Pizza $2.00

Thursday - Eggplant Parmasan $5.50 (I'm going to try this in the crockpot instead of oven - save some energy)

Friday - Italian Vegetable and Asiago Bow-ties $6.00 (we all like this dish alot last time, but it was a little dry - I found that adding pasta sauce made it great!)

Saturday - Baked potatoes, salad and soup(for the kid who won't eat salad) $3.00
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