Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grocery weekly wrap-up

This week, I still went over budget. I was doing really well, and then something happened, not sure what, but I think it's the Farmer's Market. I may have to cut out my visits or at least reduce them to a couple of times a month instead of every week. I didn't realize until I put it all together how much junk food I bought this week. Got get better on that too!

I visited 4 stores, including the FM this week.

Kroger after coupons:

3 Suave Deodorants FREE

2 M&Ms .25 ea

4 Suave Shampoo/conditioner .50 ea

2 Red Bell Peppers .50 ea

3 Keebler Sandies .79 ea

1 Lemon Juice .99

1 gal Milk 1.89 (manager's special - will freeze half of it)

1 Kroger Teriaki sauce $1.59

1 Kroger Soy Milk $2.49 (ugh! I hate having to pay full price -- bring back some soy milk coupons!)

2 scruncy sponges $1.00 each

TOTAL w/ Tax : 16.71


4 Cucumbers .49 ea

2 Black beans .59 ea

2 Red beans .59 ea

2 Baby Carrots .99 ea

2 pints Strawberries .99ea

1 bag Red onions .99

TOTAL w Tax $9.99

Publix after coupons:

Bananas FREE

Publix Vanilla Wafers .01/penny item (free bananas and penny Vanilla wafers = Banana pudding!)

Kraft Deluxe Mac n cheese .49 ea

Morningstar Veggie burgers 4-pak .89 ea

2 Rachel Ray Dog Treats $1.00 ea

Sara Lee Hamburger buns $1.35

DiGiorno Pizza $2.00

Soy Milk $2.50

Tomatoes $3.91

TOTAL with Tax 16.37


Grand Total including Farmer's Market: $65.07

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