Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Is It's Own Reward Coupon Book is here!

Yea!!!!!! I found it!

I had to run into Publix today and what! Do my eyes deceive me! Yes, it really is the "Family is It's Own Reward Coupon" book! I've heard of this mythical book, but did not really believe it's existence! But there was! I grabbed eight. I don't normally hog coupon books but I've wanted this one so much that I got excited and grabbed a lot. I'm glad I grabbed as many as I did, because I've already used 8 coupons. I'll post later on the deal I got with those coupons.

Check you Publix quickly to get these books, I'm sure they won't last long. I found mine at the Concord/Nolensville Rd store.

Go here for a list of all the great coupons inside.

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