Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Triple Coupons at Kroger

As most avid couponers know by now, certain Krogers around Nashville (the ones within a close proximity to Harris Teeter) are tripling coupons up to .99 cents until May 9.

I have broken my once a week grocery trip rule this week. I've been to Kroger 4 times! I can't help it! I'm having so much fun with all the free or extremly cheap groceries.

Some of the items I've gotten:

Suave Deodorant FREE

Flipz Pretzels FREE

Daves Hot Sauce FREE

Bush's Baked Beans .01 cent

Bertolli Pasta Sauce .24 cents

Bisquick (40 oz) .99 cents

Domino brown sugar .22 cents

Bagelfuls .55 cents

Nature Pride Bread .85 cents

McCormick Spice .04 cents

Fleishman Yeast .44 cent

Red Baron Pizza singles 1.08

Land O Lakes butter (1lb) .66 cents

I'll make at least one more trip before the promotion is over. I love coupons!!!!

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