Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She has infant what???

Last night as I put E to bed I noticed she had a couple of little red bumps or spots on her face. I thought she was just drinking too much orange juice (she has a weird citrus allergy) at school and told her I would talk to her teacher about it. She promptly told me "Mom, I have to drink what they give me". I told her it was no big deal, I would just remind teacher that orange juice just doesn't agree with her.

But then, we get up this morning and her face is covered in red bumps, some look like pimples. This was not the citrus allergy rearing it's ugly head. E was acting fine, no fever, no complaints of not feeling good. She seemed fine. But, we made the decision to keep her home (and me home from work) and take her to the doctor.

When we were finally able to get in to see the pediatrician, she took one look at the bumps and said "Oh it's impetigo" pronounced "In fed TY go". A staph infection. Not deadly. Can easily be taken care of with some antibiotics, but very contagious. E has to stay out of school for the next few days. We're not sure where she picked this up, but since she still sucks her thumb at night, and when she's tired, she could have easily picked it up anywhere and transferred it to her mouth.

So, now we're in a self-imposed quarantine for a few days. And I can check off one more thing in the "Mommy book of knowledge" -- Impetigo (doesn't sound like it's spelled).

The picture above doesn't really do it justice on how bad it looked. I couldn't get E to stand still long enough to get a good picture.



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