Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Over budget but stocked up!

I'm a little late posting this, but we've been plagued with injury and illness.

I went way over my grocery budget, but the deals were just too good to pass up.

I made 2 trips to Publix and 2 trips to Kroger. Publix had an EXCELLENT sale this week. I could have went back a 3rd time, but really, nothing else would fit into my freezer or cabinets.

There were too many items to list all, and I could not fit everything into the picture, like the produce and my second trip to Publix but here are the highlights:


California Pizza's on sale 5.49 - $2 coupon = 3.49. If you bought 4, you got a $5.00 Kroger coupon towards your next grocery purchase, just like an ECB.

I took the $5 Kroger coupon and applied it to a second transacation with fresh produce.

Green Giant Frozen veggies were on sale for $1. I doubled some .50 q's and they were FREE

Kroger brand frozen veggies on sale for $1. I had 1 .35 q, but I bought 10 bags. We use ALOT of frozen veggies.

Publix (after coupons)

Edy's Ice Cream .50
A-1 sauce FREE (for sis)
Heinz white vinegar .19
Mueller's Pasta .41 per box
Cole's Garlic Toast .31 per pack

HG Hills - This is a store I rarely shop because it's not convenient, but I was in Franklin and they had some really good deals on some items I needed.

After coupons:
Hunt's ketchup .59
Dixie Crystal suger (4lb) .88
Cool Whip .58

After all said and done my total grocery bill for all stores and 5 trips was $61.19
Regular retail of all these grocery items would be 174.91. Not that I would have ever spent that much to begin with.

Well over my $40 goal. But, well worth it. I don't expect this week's grocery bill to be even $40.

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