Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to get marker ink out of an upholstered chair

So E decided to use her little pink chair as a desk while she colored with markers. Here's what it looked like after her art project:
I tried to wipe it off with no luck. I remembered a friend telling me that Crayola had a cleaning solution page on their website, so I took a shot. Well, yes they do! Any Crayola product and just about any item that a child could write on is on this page. It told me exactly what to use to get the marker stains out.
Rubbing alcohol
Carpet cleaner
Spot stain remover (I didn't end up using that)
It worked very well. I ended up using some laundry detergent and bleach to scrub off the whole chair after the marker ink was gone. There are some very faint remains of the red marker, but not very noticable.

Thank you Crayola and thank you Leslie for telling me about Crayola's website.



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