Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Non-Frugal Habits

I read alot of frugal mommy blogs and have gotten some great ideas. Sometimes though, I feel like they are perfect keepers of their home and finances, where I am soooo very not! But, then I thought that if you don't know me personally, you may think from reading my blog that I am a perfect keeper of finances. Inspired by The Coupon Teacher's post today, I am going to share some of my not-so-frugal bad habits.

1.) Eating Out. Somehow we got off track this summer with our eating out only once a month rule. I confess I've been very lax on my menu planning, and with the heat and all the activities of the summer, I just didn't want to cook! But I vow to start doing better.

2.) Wasting Water. Another confession. Sometimes, I let my 5 year old run the bath water longer than she should and fill up the tub so she can "swim". She likes it, and it keeps her occupied while I do something else.

3.) Let the coupons pile up. I hate filing. Whether it is filing bills, work stuff or coupons. And sometimes I miss a good deal because the coupon is on the bottom of the pile.

4.) Plastic baggies. They are such a waste. I'm working on trying to use re-usable containers for all items. But those little baggies are just so convenient. I tried washing them and re-using the bags, but I wasn't good at that either.

5.) Letting food go to waste. Oh! I hate when I do this. But sometimes I don't get all the fresh produce used up or chopped and frozen before it goes bad. I really hate doing that. And my husband hates it too, so I have to hear about it from him also.

6.) Smartphone. Oh! I want one so bad! I've almost convinced myself to pay the huge data fee that comes with a smart phone plan. "Everyone else has one!". I'm such a kid.

Do you have a suggestion on helping me overcome one of my bad habits? Please share!! Or, Do you have a not-so-frugal habit? Please share! No judgements here.



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