Friday, July 30, 2010

Is that movie okay for your child to see?

I am constantly challenged with "is that movie okay for my child to see?" or "What about that video game? is it appropriate?"

I've started using as a guide to selecting movies, websites, video games, music and TV shows for my family.

It breaks everything down, language, violence, sex, alcohol & drug use, consumerism. It even tells you what kind of message it sends to children, for instance in their review of Despicable Me tells you that there may be a concern particularly for adoptive families because of the way orphans and orphanages are portrayed. This is a concern for my family and I will be better prepared to talk to her about the portrayal should we decide to even see the movie.

It's a free service website, Click Here to see a review a movie, TV, video game etc. for your family.



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