Friday, July 30, 2010

FREE Event at TN Ag Museum

This Saturday is the fourth and last in the Summer Saturday Series at the Tennessee Agricultural Museum.

This week it's "Wild Wings and Creepy Things". You’re invited to the fantastic world of wild wings and creeping things. Featuring birds, butterflies and bugs with the experts who study and protect them. Butterfly nets, a station for identifying and releasing the winged beauties plus big bug games and an observation bee hive are on the agenda. Get close to a red-tailed hawk and other large birds of prey as you talk with a lady dedicated to rescuing them. And check out the Tennessee Wildlife Exhibit

Runs from 9am - 2pm on Saturday. My 5-year old had a blast at the previous events and is looking forward to this one. It's a great time, if you can stand the heat. But you can get a break from the heat by touring (for free) the indoor Ag Museum.

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