Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aldi Produce Deals

Some points about Aldi:
1.) Aldi does not accept coupons. But they mostly sell their house brands anyway.

2.) You must pay a quarter to use a shopping cart. You get the quarter back when you return the cart to the holding area.

3.) You must bring your own bags, or pay .10 cents each for plastic bags

4.) Go here to find a store near you.

5.) Sale runs 7/28 - 8/3

Here are the produce deals at Aldi this week:

Cantaloupe - .99 ea

Red Grapes 2lb pack - $1.98

Green Grapes 2lb pack - $1.98

Cherries - $1.49/lb

Some other items worth a mention:

Sweet Harvest Apple Sauce Cups, 4 pack - .89 cents

Savoritz 4 Kids Peanut Butter and Cheese Crackers - .99 cents

Millville Chewy Granola Bars 10 pk - $1.69



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