Sunday, May 30, 2010

My $4.00 CVS Trip

I went to CVS today to use up all my ECB's. I had about $25 worth. I am planning on a hiatas from all drugstore and/or non-food purchases for the month of June. I recently took inventory of all my household and toiletry items and could not beleive the amount of stuff I have. I made a several donations to flood victims and still have quite a bit.

Transaction #1
2 16-pack Charmin TP $9.99 ea
1 10-pack Duracell $5.99
Total: $25.97
- $4 off $20 Purchase CVS coupon (emailed when your card is registered on
- $20 Extra Care Bucks (from previous transactions and a CVS survey)
= $2.61 OOP + $10 ECBs earned from P&G promotion

Transaction #2
*note hit upon a great baby items clearance deal

2 CVS Antiseptic Mouthwash BOGO 50% off
2 Aveeno Baby Shampoo $1.42 clearance price
1 Huggies Baby Wash $.97 clearance price
4 Johnson Buddies soaps .34 ea clearance price
1 4-pk Pepsi (I thought this was .99 or I would not have bought it)
Total: $16.14
- $14.50 ECBs
= $1.40 OOP

Total OOP for the day: $4.01
Total Savings: $65.91

I happened to mention to the cashier that I was putting myself on a spending freeze for June. When I left, she said "so we won't see you for a while?" I said "yes, if all goes to plan". She smiled and said "But our sales are going to take a hit without you!" I laughed and thought, "yea, it's time for me to take a break...."

But I'm glad I bought all the baby soap and shampoo, for this is what I had waiting for me when I got home .....

My 5-year-old got into the stamp kit. The extra soap came in handy.



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