Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tips on Getting Your Rebates

I found this interesting article in USA Weekend about getting the product rebates you are eligible. I think all these tips are good, especially about applying quickly, I've noticed that more and more rebates offers are being capped to a certain number of applicants.

1. Apply Quickly Rebates often expire within a month of purchase.

2. Print online forms immediately if you think you're going to buy the product because they may disappear from the site.

3. Follow instructions. Make sure you've included everything they require (proof of purchase, receipt, form, etc)

4. Keep Copies. If a rebate is denied you can prove you followed the rules.

5. Check your mail (sometimes rebates look like junk mail)

6. Spend it quickly (often the check or giftcard expires after 90 days)

7. Keep Tabs. If the rebate has not been received within 3 months, track it online or through the manufacturer's toll free number.

Go here for the full article.

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