Friday, February 26, 2010

How Thrifty are You?

1. Do you use coupons to save over 50% or more on your groceries?
Yes, I'm averaging 65% right now! Yea!

2. Do you reuse paper products like foil, plastic baggies, or plastic utensils?
I do re-use plastic baggies as long as what was in them originally was not yucky or smelly.
I tried washing them in the dishwasher for a while. That didn't work for me.

3. Do you buy things like clothes, home goods, or entertainment items for full price? No. Most of those items come from consignment sales, thriftstores or the clearance shelf.

4. Do you eat out more than once a week?
Hah! Try once a month and then only with a coupon or a B1G1 special.

5. Do you feel an obligation to take free samples or toiletries in hotels?
I do send off for free samples of some things especially if I think they may also send coupons along with the sample. I don't normally take the free toiletries at a hotel. But I haven't stayed in a hotel since we brought our little girl home. Maybe I'll start taking the free toiletries now.

6. Do you send in more than one mail-in rebate a month?
Sometimes, but one a month is my average. Usually rebates have to be a money maker for me to invest money in the product up front. Unless it's a product that I had to buy anyway.

7. Do you feel an obligation or need to stop at every yard sale you pass?
I often wish I could stop, but most of the time I'm going somewhere and don't have the time. I'm not great at the yardsaling thing. But I do hit a few every season.

8. Do you recycle items on Freecycle or for money?
I've taken things offered on Freecycle but I've never posted an offer yet. Need to do that.

We recycle and compost 90% of our trash but we don't earn money for it. We do save money by not using a trash pickup service. What little trash cannot be recycled is dropped off with a garbage collection truck that is permenantly parked at our recycling center.

9. Have you lowered all your bills to the smallest amount you can pay for acceptable services? I think so. I hang dry quite a bit of our clothes to avoid the dryer. And my husband has sacrificed ESPN and I've sacrificed Lifetime so that we only pay $12 bucks for a limited satellite TV package.

10. Have you figured out the best way to save money is to spend less and stretch all you have as far as you can? Yes. It took 30 years, but I got it.

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