Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entertainment Book now 40% Off!

Great News! The 2010 Entertainment Book is now 40% off! I buy this coupon book every year. It's full of great coupons for meals, events, and products from places all over town. Most of the food coupons are Buy One get one free. These are great to use when you are on a tight budget like my family, but still would like to enjoy the occasional meal out. We use enough of these coupons to pay for the book several times over.

Also, another trick I've learned with these books, trade out coupons with your friends and neighbors that you won't use. My family likes Indian food, my friend's family does not, they like bowling, we're not into bowling. So, we just trade our coupons.

Click on the graphic above to order one for your city.



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