Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frugal Dessert

Tonight my family went out for our "monthly dinner out". With the help of a B1G1 coupon, we were able to eat for about $15. My 4 year-old spied some cookies that she wanted for dessert. I told her she could have one provided she ate her dinner. I didn't notice the price of the cookies before agreeing. $2.00 for one, 2-inch cookie! Ugh! It killed me to have to pay that much (especially since I knew I had cookie mix at home that I paid .25 cents for) but she held up her end of the agreement so I had to hold up mine.

Then I noticed out the window, Walgreens. Walgreens had candy bars on sale for .39 cents this week. So, I offered her a choice, a cookie from the restaurant, or a candy bar from Walgreens. She took the candy bar! Yea!

The whole family ended up getting candy bars for less than the cost of one cookie. And I will rest easy tonight knowing that I didn't pay $2 dollars (plus tax) for one little cookie!

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