Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekly Grocery Wrapup

Wow! Did I go over budget! But, there were several good deals going on and some areas of my pantry needed restocking, so I don't feel too bad about the splurge. Because my list is so long this week, I'm not going to list out every item. I will highlight the best deals.

Kroger Best Deals:

10 boxes Eggo Waffles - FREE 50% off sale made them .98 each. They qualify for the Kelloggs Fuel for School Rebate which will make them free

P&G Promotion - buy 4 get $4 off (used combination of paper coupons and e coupons from P&Esavers site)
1 Aussie Shampoo FREE
1 Aussie Conditioner FREE
1 Herbal Essence Shampoo FREE
1 Herbal Essence hairspray FREE
3 Puffs Tissues .52 ea

10 for 10 Promotion
Crest Toothpaste FREE used .50 coupon doubled (PG insert 6/07)
2 Oral B Toothbrushes FREE used .50 coupon doubled
1 Listerine pocket pack FREE used .50 coupon doubled (SS insert 6/14)

Total Kroger Shop: $52.89

Publix Best Deals: I actually made 2 trips to Publix in order to get the Bertolli pasta sauce and use the coupon from Family is It's Own Reward book before they expired. It made the Pasta sauce .87 each.

8 Bertolli Pasta Sauce .87 ea
8 Milkbone Dog Biscuits .59 ea
4 Hunts Ketchup 1 free, 3 .48 ea
3 Publix Soda .17 each
9 Muellers Pasta .42 ea

Total w/ Tax $20.87

Aldi (sorry no pic)
No particular good deals, just a few extra things we needed that were not a good deal anywhere else.
Total: 7.97

I will submit for my Kelloggs Rebate and get $10 back, so that will bring it down to $71.73

Still I'm Waaay over budget. Don't expect much shopping in the weeks to come!

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