Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly Grocery Wrap up - Mom gone Wild Edition!

Oh My Gosh! I think this sinus infection has started to eat into my brain and cause me to lose all control. Budget? What Budget? Apparently, I have NO budget!

There were some really good deals this week, and I couldn't stop myself. Sorry, still having technical problems with the camera so no picture. Here are the highlights:

First off, I cannot pass up a clearance sale or manager's special. Not the worse habit to have, but it can cause you to go over budget. Kroger had an entire refrigerator full of items on manager's special. Could not resist. Here's what I got:

6 Amy's Organic Vegetable Pot Pies .79 each (normally $2.59 ea)
3 Rosetto Butternut Sqash Ravioli 2.00 each (normally $4.99 ea)
1 Kroger Veggie Dip .25 each
2 Kroger Skim Milk .50 each

Mega Sale Items (Buy 10 participating Items get $5 off)
2 Grands Biscuits FREE
used printable and e-coupon

3 Quaker Rice Quakes .36 each
used $1/3 peelie

1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal .99
used .50 doubled coupon from Kroger mailer

2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes
used printable and e-coupon

1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix .69
used printable and e-coupon

3 Tuna Helpers .82 each
used printable and e-coupon

2 Betty Crocker Potatoes
used e-coupon

2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls .74 each
used printable and e-coupon

2 Old El Paso Taco Shells .39 ea
used printable and e-coupon

2 WanChai Sweet&Sour chicken frozen meals 3.49 ea note: I had a craving for Chinese, I won't buy these again! Ugh!
used $2.00 coupon from 8/9 Smartsource

Produce good buys:
.99/lb tomatoes
.33 cucumbers
.99 eggplant

TOTAL OOP w/ Tax: $42.04

8th Continent Soy Milk .50
used $2.00 printable (no longer available)

2 Purina Beggin Strips .24 each
used $1.50 printable

6 Morning Star Veggie Patties .90 ea
used $1.00 printable

4 Kraft Mac n Cheese .25 each
used B3G1 Free printable (value doubled) no longer available

4 Uncle Ben's Rice Pilaf
used .75/2 q from 7/26 RedPlum

Cole Garlic Toast .40
used .50 printable

9 Various Frozen Veggies .97 ea
no coupon

1 Back to Nature Granola .80
used $1.00 Competitors coupon from Whole Foods

4 Tidy Cats Litter 1.50 ea
used $2.00 peelie

4 Juicy Juice 1.32 ea
used .50/2 q from 8/9 Redplum

TOTAL OOP w/ Tax $31.54

Bananas .99
Cucumbers .80
Baby Carrots .69 ea
TOTAL OOP w/ TAX $9.58

Apple Market
2 Loaves of Peppridge Farm Bread .50ea
2 packs of Peppridge Farm Hamburger buns .50 ea

TOTAL OOP w/ TAX $2.16

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Blogger Nashville Cheapster said...

For the Mega event you did a good job controlling your spending. The Ravioli sounds yummy!

August 24, 2009 at 6:51 AM  

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