Monday, August 24, 2009


As most couponers know, stockpiling is the way to save money on groceries. No, the picture above is not my stockpile, I wish it was. I'm not there yet. I've only been stockpiling for about 8 months now, so I'm not through an entire years cycle.

Many people think of stockpiling as something those crazy "end of the world is coming" folks do. While I have no intention of going that far, the more I learned about stockpiling the more fiscal sense it made. I have been able to purchase things for pennies or even free, stock pile them and I will not have to buy them again for a long time. An example: last winter, Kroger ran a Mega sale where I was able to purchase Glad trash bags for less than a $1.00. I bought 5 boxes with 60 bags each. That's 300 name brand trash bags for less than $5.00 In my house, that will last us over 2 years (we recycle most of our trash and compost food scraps).

I'm still learning all the sale cycles. In the southeast most grocery stores have a 6 - 8 week sale cycle. In the north I understand it is closer to 10 - 12 weeks. But some things only go on sale at the lowest price once a year. I recently was turned on to a forum at Hot Coupon World where they have listed by month what type of items will go on sale by month. Go here for that forum. They even list what kind of produce will be in season. Some things are obvious, baking items around the winter holidays, school supplies in August, but did you know that March is National Frozen Food month? And that there are good deals to be had in that area of the store? What about May has National Pet Week? Time to stock up on pet food and treats!

Thanks to Money Savin Diva to turning me on to this forum.


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