Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Visit to The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro

We took E to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro today. It's a great children's museum with lots of exhibits that introduce children to many different types of scientific theories (physics, chemistry, ecology).

Of course, most of the scientific aspect was lost on my 4 year old. But she had a great time running from place to place and touching everything! There is a great outdoor area with a trail through a marsh. You can see up close many creatures whose natural habitat is the wetlands (ducks, crane-like birds, beavers). Our favorite was the tadpole pond (not the official name, but it's what we started calling it). It has big stepping stones that you can walk through the pond and see tadpoles that will turn into frogs. We didn't see any frogs in the pond today, so none of the children believed the parents as we were all trying to explain that the tadpoles would grow legs and turn into frogs. E just enjoyed being able to step through the pond on the big square blocks (see picture below).

It was a great day, we all had fun and it was very reasonable price. I would highly recommend the Discovery Center for anyone that's in or near Murfreesboro.
Here are the details:
502 SE Broad St.
Murfreesboro TN 37130
Mon - Saturday: 10a - 5p
Sunday: 1p - 5p
Admission: $5.00 Adults & Children (under 2 is free)

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Blogger Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

my kids love this Discovery Center I was thinking it cost the 4 of us $40? Ill have to check that out! Thanks!

July 30, 2009 at 11:34 AM  

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