Friday, June 26, 2009

Look what I got! - UPDATED

An Earth Machine composter! I know, seems very unusual for a "city girl" to want something so agricultural. But, as I get older, and more frugal, I'm learning the importance of raising your own food and living off the land (even if your "land" is 1/10 of an acre).

I had planned to purchase a composter back in the early spring in hopes that we would have some compost for our garden this summer, but I procrastinated and didn't get to it. We've been very lucky this month to have some unexpected "non-expenses" (does that make sense?) so, I felt we had some wiggle room in the budget for a "want" item.

Metro Beautification and Environment Commission sells the Earth Machines for $40. It was the best price I had found. So, went down to Metro Recycling Convenience Center on Omahundro Place and purchased one. They also have rain barrels for sale too, we may go back later and purchase one of those also.

My friends have told me this is the best way to compost, no mess and it's in a barrel, so you don't have to see rotting and decomposing food scraps. And because it's in a barrel, completely covered, it shouldn't attract insects or rodents (if it does, it'll be gone quicker than that mouse that got in the house). I always feel bad as I fill my trashcan with banana peels, and vegetable scraps, knowing that I'm just wasting one more trash bag that will be taken to clog up the landfill even more. We recycle about 80% of our trash already, and it is my hope that with composting we can increase that amount even more! Before E came along, we were able to only use one kitchen trash bag a week. I would love to get back to that. Then, I'll want to cancel our trash pickup and delete one more expense! :)
UPDATE: We've had the composter for many months now and we've started to use the compost on our garden this year. So far, so good! We've not had any issues with rodents or bugs.

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