Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Go There Do This!

Go There Do This is a good website to find and purchase tickets and gift cards for half price. There are many attractions that have tickets available. Right now you can purchase tickets to Nashville Shores, Kentucky Down Under and other local attractions for up to 50% off. There are also services available for discounts such as spa services, hair salons, and cosmetic dentistry

The site is updated every Monday at 7am. New tickets are added then. So, if you're looking for one of the more popular tickets (such as 1/2 price tickets to Holiday World), you'll need to check early on Mondays.

A couple of notes of caution: Make sure you read the fine print for the indivual deals. Sometimes they have restrictions such as "only good on Tuesdays and Thursdays". So, make sure the deal will work for you.
Also, my friends and I have only had good experiences with this site's deals, but I've known of other discount ticket sites to sell certificates for establishments that no longer accept them or the establishment has gone out of business. I recommend calling the establishment and getting confirmation from management that they will accept the discounted tickets or gift cards.



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